detect if page is active in javascript

Detect if page is active in JavaScript


The Page Visibility API assists you in detecting when a web page is visible. It could be useful when your website is using one of many browser tabs in a users browser window.


You can use the Page Visibility API to do certain things when a user navigates to a different tab.

  • Pause video and audio 🎵
  • Pause animations 🎞
  • Stop any network requests being made 📞
  • Any other things you might want to do when the user navigates away to another tab. For example, you might change the
  • document.title or play a sound 🔈

JavaScript Code

const handleChange = (e) => {
  document.title = document.hidden ? 'Come back' : 'Welcome Back'

document.addEventListener("visibilitychange", handleChange);

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