About Us

We're making online better for everyone

Wherever you are, whatever your website needs – ThatGuyCode’s got it.

We’re a fast growing, South African based website design and development company that’s driven by young, energetic and most importantly, idea driven people.

Our speciality is designing and developing custom websites and online systems to suit your specific needs. We pledge that when we are through with your site, it will not only be exceptional regarding the look and feel it will also meet all your functional requirements.

In a day and age where people spend more and more time online, can you really afford not to have an outstanding online presence?

Together we will take your website where no website has gone before.

About Us
Digital Solutions

Expand your Business with Innovative Web Solutions

Innovative, strategic web & mobile sites

We build modern user friendly websites from sophisticated shopping cart sites to social media websites with intuitive interface and easy back-end management.

We develop creative websites that suit your budget using market leading technologies. Websites can get really costly but with us, we beat the rest with low costing but never lowering the quality of your work.

Technologies we use:

Node & JS PHP
Digital Solutions

We're making design better for everyone

Developing a design that has an impressive user interface will result in a better conversion rate, leading you to better business and more revenue.


If it looks good on web, we make sure it looks great on all device sizes. We design responsive, innovative and strategic websites, focusing on design, content, usability, and simplicity on all devices.

Web Development

We write code that is robust and well tested to ensure it has responsive design and functionality that adapts for optimized browsers and devices.

User Experience

We design interfaces with great user experiences with friendly usability. Understand your users and you can transform how they interact with your brand.

E-Commerce Development

We can assist you in setting up your online store, that will have you selling your items online in no time. With WooCommerce you get simple integration to payment gateways, shopping carts and so much more!

Who is ThatGuy?

Riaz is ThatGuy.

ThatGuyCode was founded by Riaz in 2014.

His field of expertise is Web Development, Web Design, SEO and much more. He’s been coding for years creating awesome work all over the web.

He enjoys taking complex problems and developing them into simple and functional interface designs. He has a soft spot for the logic and structure that coding has to offer and loathes disorganised coding. Thus he makes a point to always write elegant and efficient code, no matter the language he’s coding in.

Riaz doesn’t just spend his time coding and pushing pixels, every so often you can find him in the gym, at the beach gliding through the waves, or deep under water acquainting a couple of fish.