THATGUYCODE was founded by a storyteller with the ability to make a story out of nothing but common sense. With a team of characters that each have abilities to help make your story remarkable, let us create your story.

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Modern and Sophisticated

We build modern user friendly websites from sophisticated shopping cart sites to social media websites with intuitive interface and easy back-end management.

Websites are built creatively to suit your budget using leading market technologies. Websites can get really costly but with us, we beat the rest with low costing but never lowering the quality of your website.

Our development team are well skilled not only with amazing development skills but also with knowledge of SEO. Your website will be built using the basic search engine optimization (SEO) rules required to help search engines understand and properly index your website.

Some of the technologies we use:

Node & JS PHP
Welcome to ThatGuyCode
Mobile Solutions

We make your mobile app ideas a reality

Mobile App Development has become one of the fastest growing technology in this current technology driven world.

Having a responsive website that works great on any device isn’t the only thing that most companies are looking for these days.

Many small businesses that you interact with in your everyday life have their own dedicated mobile app — be it the corner coffee shop or the beauty spa downtown. These companies are getting ahead of the game when it comes to taking their marketing to the next level.

Mobile Apps serve many functions: they are able to provide general info, prices, booking forms, search features, user accounts, messengers, news feeds, and much more.

Having a Mobile Application makes it easy for your business to provide necessary information to your customers – Including specials and promotions that you may be offering. Through In-App messaging to push notifications you can reach and get more direct interaction with your customers reminded them about your products and services whenever you need.

ThatGuyCode is in the business of giving you high quality, with fast output on Mobile App Development. Our skill set has been shipped over the seas and now we boast international apps that we have done for some of the big names that you may know.

Mobile Solutions

Creative Ideas That Impress

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Our success is measured by result

With numerous satisfied clients ThatGuyCode continues to push boundaries in the online space. Offering more than just services to businesses and individuals, but we also offer free tools for web developers, web designers or whoever it may be to assist them daily.

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Custom Development

Some of the custom development we've done

WordPress Themes
WordPress Themes

We build WP themes to your design, which can be easily installed and used in your website. Themes include custom short codes and widgets.

WordPress Plugins
WordPress Plugins

We’ve developed simple WP plugins to advanced plugins that speak to API’s and Web Services. Including custom widgets that can be used in your theme.


We have coded many email designs to HTML for use in email marketing systems. Mailers are code by designers with a mail first approach.

Our Work

Some of the clients we’ve done work for and some whom we continue to do amazing work with. Get your company on our list!

To name a few companies that have already used THATGUYCODE services.

Bring your ideas to life with TGC.

It isn't always easy bringing those amazing ideas to life, but at THATGUYCODE we understand your story and we depict it the best we can online. With smart, talented and skilled people at your finger tips to assist, you can be sure to get the best out of your ideas.

Coding Tutorials & Scripts

Learn coding tips and tricks in many widely used website languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP.

Detect if page is active in JavaScript
Detect if page is active in JavaScript

You can use the Page Visibility API to do certain things when a user navigates to a different...

Remove duplicate elements in a list with Python
Remove duplicate elements in a list with Python

A simple and efficient way to remove duplicate elements from a list using Python.

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